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  1. which is crucial when you want to work efficiently.


    – Allows for data modeling using ER diagrams
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    – Limited MySQL support
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  3. Transvaginal 3-dimensional ultrasonographic finding of a double uterus in a postmenarchal woman with menorrhagia.
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  5. In our previous post, we described how you can import a SharePoint solution into Visual Studio 2010 Team System for SharePoint. But if you want to migrate a solution across to Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS) or another VSTS instance, you will need to take a slightly different approach. We’ll cover that in this post, and also look at how to migrate solutions across into SharePoint, and merge solution packages into a VSTS project.

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  12. 4
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  13. Photo credit : CBS2

    John Delgado reports:

    A new Facebook video of a slammed and run over cyclist in West Village was posted Tuesday and shared by the victim.

    In the video, a man can be seen running over a cyclist in front of a building on Washington Avenue, just west of Oliver Street. The victim lays on the ground cradling his head.

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